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October 22nd Meeting, Painted Warp Challenge!

October 22nd Meeting, Painted Warp Challenge!

Our program for Tuesday evening Oct 22 will be to paint some warps.

This will be a hands-on program and you must have your own warps.

Warp must be wool, other *animal* fiber, or silk.  Warp should be white
or another *light* color to be “painted”.

Warp MUST be at The Fiber Loft by 4:30 pm on Monday Oct 21.  (The warps
must be soaked in a mordant–citric acid or vinegar–before we can paint
them.  Suzanne will do this on Tuesday.)

If you cannot make the meeting, drop your warp off on time to The Fiber
Loft and we will paint it for you.  (We are not sure what colors will be
there, we will use our best judgement!)

Warp MUST have a waterproof label with individual’s name on it when it
goes to the Fiber Loft. NVWG will provide labels and a waterproof marker
at the Fiber Loft so you can label your warp when you drop it off.

Warp size – no longer than 4 yards, no wider than 24”

This is hand painted, not dipped.

Suzanne will provide bottles of dye.  We will put warp on plastic wrap
and paint, and then wrap up and take home and microwave.

If, after everyone has finished painting their first warp, there is dye
and time left, you can paint a second warp, but not before we are done
with all the first warps.

If you have any questions about the correct yarn, or you need some yarn,
call Suzanne at the Fiber Loft (978-456-8669 or
for purchase.

We will be using these warps for this year’s Guild Challenge.

If you want to be part of the Challenge but cannot get your warp to the
Fiber Loft by Monday, and cannot make the meeting Tuesday, please let me
know – Leslie

See you Tuesday.  Social/library time begins at 7pm.  Meeting to follow at 7:30.

Looms, etc. for sale

Looms, etc. for sale

From the League of NH Craftsmen Newsletter:

HQ was contacted by a lovely woman who, with her husband, had worked for over 25 years doing production weaving for interior designers and architects throughout New England. She is located in Cabot, Vermont . Her husband passed away and she has the following available for sale:

4 harness LeClerc Quebec II Counterbalance Loom

Shuttlecraft Practice Loom 42″

36″ vertical loom

LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom

150 lbs roving – wool and mohair, cleaned and ready to use

200+ lbs of quality wool yarns in a variety of colors

Best way to reach her for more information is to call 802-563-2343 (Candace)

**Weavers – please share this information with anyone in your circle who might be interested. It would be a great help to this individual to sell these items for a fair price**

Time Change/Meeting Reminder, Tues 28May2019!!!

Time Change/Meeting Reminder, Tues 28May2019!!!

Our meeting this coming Tuesday, 28May2019 will begin at 1pm, at the Fiber Loft.

By popular vote, our members have asked for assistance in learning to spin their own fiber.  Please come for this afternoon of playing with drop spindles!  Members Krista and Laura will guide you through the yarn spinning process, and get you started on making your own yarns.

If you have a drop spindle (or more than one), please bring them.  There will be drop spindles available to try/practice with…and for purchase if you catch the bug!  We will talk about various kinds of spindles, and there will be ample time to practice if you’re a complete novice. We think you will leave with a solid base knowledge of how to make yarn. Practice, practice, practice, beyond what is taught, is key to making you well-skilled in the art!

Please join us if you have any interest in yarn, making your own, or just how it’s made!

23April2019 Meeting Reminder

23April2019 Meeting Reminder

Shaft Switching! Doesn’t that term sound complicated and scary? Yet over and over we hear that it’s a very simple way to diversify your designs. Members Leslie Ardison and Amy Stevens will explain the mystery of this technique, invented by the legendary Peter Collingwood. Social and library time at 7pm, meeting to start promptly at 7:30. Meeting to be held at The Fiber Loft.

26March Meeting Reminder

26March Meeting Reminder

Our March meeting will focus on “Organizing your Weaving Studio”. Fellow member Susan Targove (yes, that’s a picture of her wonderfully organized studio) will share her secrets! Susan is an accomplished weaver who, among many other things, designed and created the Caitriot tartan for the lead actress in the Outlander series. Susan also brings her background as a Professional Organizer to this discussion!

Join us at The Fiber Loft at 7pm for social and library time. Our business meeting will start promptly at 7:30, followed by Susan’s presentation.

Fiberlicious Show at Loading Dock Gallery!

Fiberlicious Show at Loading Dock Gallery!
This show is going on at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell until the end of the month. If you go, check out the pieces by Ann Ribbens. She is my neighbor, and told me about the show. Anyone interested in a field trip?

The Loading Dock Gallery is approaching the month of March with an adventurous spirit!  Fiber and Textile artists, hailing from New England, explore materials and concepts that are so inspired, unique, and attractive to the senses, the exhibition had to be entitledFiberlicious!

Experience the joy of fiber-play that visually and tactilely push artistic boundaries. Ponder artistic pieces that challenge the senses utilizing fiber/textile inspired 2D, 3D, video or digitally-generated pieces and wearables, often offering commentary and are brilliantly unexpected.

Meeting Reminder, 22Jan2019, 7pm!

Meeting Reminder, 22Jan2019, 7pm!

Hi Everyone,

Please remember that our next meeting is Tues, 22Jan at The Fiber Loft.  Refreshments and social time will begin at 7pm.  Our meeting will start promptly at 7:30.  Amy Stevens will present “Blended Drafts”.  See below for details!

Blended drafts are a wonderful way to utilize an 8-shaft loom.  Two 4-shaft drafts are combined to make a single 8-shaft draft that allows weaving either of the original 4-shaft drafts.  It’s a technique that is particularly effective with overshot drafts, but there are lots of other possibilities for its use.  Don’t have an 8-shaft loom?  You’ll still walk away with a new perspective on drafting, and a couple examples of “blended” drafts using only 4 shafts.

Handouts, including a bibliography from Kathy Tappan, will be provided. You are encouraged to bring along colored pencils or a computer drafting program on a pad or laptop (if you have one).

Amy Stevens got started weaving in Boulder, Colorado, where she lived from 1980-1984.  She has no problem with drafts and warping, but is working hard to develop fluency in weaving—the years since Boulder have included many years with no time to weave.  Amy joined NVWG in 2014, and has been treasurer since 2016.  She weaves on an 8-harness, 45-inch loom that she bought in Boulder in 1983—a Schacht, of course!

04December AFTERNOON meeting reminder

04December AFTERNOON meeting reminder

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Our combined Nov/Dec meeting is set for next Tuesday, 04Dec.  This will be an afternoon meeting, starting at 1pm with refreshments, library and shopping (an advantage to the afternoon meeting!).  At 1:30, we’ll have some brief announcements and time for show and tell.  Our program this month will be hands on, making star ornaments made out of woven paper strips for holiday decorations.  Member Joan Paul will lead this project.  Joan would like a headcount, so she knows how many supplies to bring.  Please email her if you plan to attend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday afternoon!