List of NVWG Library books alphabetically by Author; updated April 21, 2015

Title Author
Natural dyes and home dyeing: a practical guide with over 150 recipes Adrosko, Rita J.
On weaving Albers, Anni
Mastering weave structures: transforming great ideas into cloth Alderman, Sharon
Rug making: techniques and design Allard, Mary
Weaving contemporary rag rugs: new designs.traditional techniques Allen, Heather L.
Weaving in the Peruvian highlands: dreaming patterns, weaving memories Alvarez, Nilda Callañaupa
Weave structures used in North American coverlets Anderson, Clarita
Gordon, Judith
Towner, Naomi Whiting
Byways in hand weaving: an illustrated guide to rare weaving techniques Atwater, Mary Meigs
Weaves and techniques for the inkle loom Atwood, Betty
Quilts to wear Avery, Virginia
Decorative braiding and weaving Barker, June
Boundweave Barrett, Clotilde
Knitting on the loom: techniques for producing knit stitches within the woven structure Barron, Birgit Olson
Weavers answer book Beck, Dorothy
Chase, Hazel
The dyer’s companion Bemis, Elijah
Working with the wool: how to weave a Navajo rug Bennet, Noël
Bighorse, Tiana
Jacobson, Robert (drawings)
New key to weaving: a textbook of hand weaving for the beginning weaver Black, Mary E.
Creative design in wall hangings: weaving patterns based on primitive and medieval art Blumenau, Lili
Hands on dyeing Blumenthal, Betsy
Kreider, Kathryn
Handwoven textiles of early New England: the legacy of a rural people 1640 – 1880 Bogdonoff, Nancy Dick
Lichens for vegetable dyeing Bolton, Eileen M.
The coverlet book, volumes one and two Bress, Helene
Inkle weaving Bress, Helene
Bress, Allen (photog)
The weaving book: patterns and ideas Bress, Helene
Early American weaving and dyeing: the domestic manufacturer’s assistant and family directory in the arts of weaving and dyeing Bronson, J. and R.
Double weave: theory & practice Brostoff, Laya
The book of looms: a history of the handloom from ancient times to the present Broudy, Eric
The weaving, spinning, and dyeing book Brown, Rachel
Unlike the lilies: Doukhobor textile traditions in Canada Burnham, Dorothy K.
The weaver’s workbook Chetwynd, Hilary
The maker’s hand: a close look at textile structures Collingwood, Peter
Cripps, David (photog)
The techniques of rug weaving Collingwood, Peter
The techniques of sprang: plaiting on stretched threads Collingwood, Peter
The techniques of tablet weaving Collingwood, Peter
Weaving: a creative approach for beginners Creager, Clara
Brooks bouquet Creative Crafts, East Berlin, PA
Tod, Osma Gallinger
Sew something special: sewing with handwoven fabrics Curtis, Linda Kubik
Voshell, Ruth (illus)
Manual of Swedish handweaving Cyrus, Ulla
Swedish-English weaving glossary and word list Cyrus, Ulla
Textures and patterns for the rigid heddle loom Davenport, Betty Linn
Baizerman, Suzanne (illus)
Your yarn dyeing: a book for handweavers and spinners Davenport, Elsie G.
The dye-pot Davidson, Mary Frances
A handweaver’s pattern book Davison, Marguerite Porter
Denzler, Charles C. (illus)
Brown, E. Fletcher (photog)
Needleweaving…easy as embroidery Dendel, Esther Warner
The handweaver’s pattern directory: over 600 weaves for four-shaft looms Dixon, Anne
Handweaver’s instruction manual Douglas, Harriet C.
Tidball, Harriet
Embroidering with the loom: creative combinations of weaving and stitchery Drooker, Penelope B.
Fritz-Herzberg, Susan Damon (illus)
Letter code drafting for four harnesses Duke, Pauline
Shaker towels for the 21st century Erf, Mary Elva Congleton
Handloom weaving technology Fannin, Allen
Handspinning: art and technique Fannin, Allen
Flamskvävnad: Flemish weaving Fischer, Ernst
Ingers, Gertrude
Designing and drafting for handweavers: basic principles of cloth construction Frey, Berta
Nűlzliches in lauterauserlesenen, wohl=approbizt=und meistentheils neu=inventirten… Frickinger, Johann Michael
Linen heirlooms: the story and patterns of a collection of 19th century handwoven pieces with directions for their reproduction Gallagher, Constance Dann
The joy of hand weaving: complete step-by-step book of weaving Gallinger, Osma Couch
Simple gifts: 25 authentic Shaker craft project Garden Way Publishing
Warping all by yourself Garrett, Cay
Beebee, Dorothy M. (illus.)
Shaker textile arts Gordon, Beverly
Nature’s colors: dyes from plants Grae, Ida
Grae, Daniel (photog)
Latvian “Jostas” workshop with Connie Gray Gray, Connie
200 patterns for multiple harness looms: 5 to 12 harness patterns for handweavers Groff, Russell E.
Card weaving: complete instructions plus 53 patterns for card weaving or table weaving Groff, Russell E.
Sectional warping Groff, Russell E.
Woven works Hamamura, John and Susan
Weaver’s Companion Handwoven Magazine
Patterns for tapestry weaving: projects and techniques Harvey, Nancy
Linen: from flax seed to woven cloth Heinrich, Linda
Spin span spun: fact and folklore for spinners and weavers Hochberg, Bette
Weaving as a hobby Ickis, Marguerite
Twined rag rugs Irwin, Bobbie
Atelier ABCDedarium: A compleat compendium of curious and cunning creatures colonizing cramped closets, cobwebbed corners, and cluttered cabinets, capriciously causing complications and chaos. A calendar for 2005 Jones, Carolyn
Swendeman, Dorothy
Tinkham, Terri
Young, Vikki
Weaving and needlecraft color course Justema, William & Doris
Card weaving Katz, Ruth J.
Designing with blocks for handweavers Keasbey, Doramay
Navajo weaving: three centuries of change Kent, Kate Peck
Natural dyes Kierstead, Sallie Pease
Neues weberbild=und musterbuch der edlen leinen=und bildweberkunst… Kirschbaum, Johann Michael
The complete illustrated book of dyes from natural sources Krochmal, Arnold and Connie
Book of projects for the eight shaft loom Krogh, Elsa
Designing for weaving: a study guide for drafting, design, and color Kurtz, Carol S.
Color and fiber Lambert, Patricia
Staepelaere, Barbara
Fry, Mary G.
Dyeing with natural materials Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild
More then four: a book for multiple harness weavers Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth
Warp and weave Leclerc, Robert
Vegetable dyes from North American plants Leechman, Douglas
Techniques of code drafting: the lively art of personal weaving drafts Linder, Harry P.
Kenny, Pat (illus.)
Make your own Japanese clothes: patterns and ideas for modern wear Marshall, John
Echoes from our ancestors: a sampler of overshot patterns in the Shelburne Museum collection Martin, Denise
Otis, Trudy
Yelton, Dianne
Clothing from the hands that weave Mayer, Anita Luvera
Hyland, Rebecca K. (illus)
Brown, Matt (photog)
Handwoven clothing: felted to wear Mayer, Anita Luvera
Hastings, Kathryn Kusché (illus)
Brown, Matt (photog)
Art & inspirations McDowell, Ruth B.
Compendium of finishing techniques McEneely, Naomi
Weaving as an art form: a personal statement Moorman, Theo
Large, Nicholas (photog)
Walling, John (photog)
Historical New England weaves 1770 – 1850 Moulton, Deborah K.
Thompson, Marjie P.
Dyeing the natural way Mustard, Frances E.
The off-loom weaving book Naumann, Rose
Hull, Raymond
Väv i rosengång och munkabälte (Weaving in rosepath and monk’s belt) Nilsson, Anna-Stina
Johnsson-Godet, Christina
A twill of your choice O’Connor, Paul R.
A handbook of weaves Oelsner, G. H.
Dale, Samuel S. (translator)
Adventures in yarn farming: four seasons on a New England fiber farm Parry, Barbara
Barnhart, Ben (photog)
Dyes and dyeing Pellew, Charles E.
Weaving with fine threads and in miniature Piroch, Sigrid
Design challenges: monograph one, works of Elmer Wallace Hickman Piroch, Sigrid Sample
The craft of handweaving Plath, Iona
The handweaver’s pattern book: over 120 designs for upholstery, curtains, place mats, etc. Plath, Iona
Art & inspirations Porcella, Yvonne
Weaving a life: the story of Mary Meigs Atwater Reiter, Mary Jo (compiled by)
Patterson, Veronica (editor)
Let’s try mushrooms for color Rice, Miriam C.
Beebee, Dorothy M. (illus.)
Dassett, Marlene Nordstrom (photog)
Knitting in plain English Righetti, Maggie
Ikat: an introduction; Japanese ikat: warp,weft,figure Ritch, Diane
Wada, Yoshiko
Dyes from plants Robinson, Seonaid M.
A history of dyed textiles: dyes.painted bark.batik.starch-resist.discharge.tie-dye.further sources for research Robinson, Stuart
A history of printed textiles: sources for research Robinson, Stuart
Old Navajo rugs: their development from 1900 to 1940 Rodee, Marian E.
In celebration of the curious mind: a Festschrift to honor Anne Blinks on her 80th birthday Rogers, Nora (ed.)
Stanley, Martha (ed.)
Ancient Egyptian and Greek looms Roth, H. Ling
Off-loom weaving: a basic manual Russell, Elfleda
The weaving Roses of Rhode Island Safner, Isadora M.
How to weave on the inkle loom Schutz, Sophie and Walter
Swedish handweaving Selander, Malin
Swedish swatches: yellow, blue, red, and green series in color photos Selander, Malin
Beginning of book #2: Abraham Serff’s weaving books Serff, Abraham
Weave * knit * wear: simply fabulous clothing for rigid-heddel (and other) weavers Shangold, Judith
The treasure chest of Swedish weaving Skjöldebrand, Ingerlise
Doup leno: a quick and simple solution for weaving loom-controlled leno Skowronski, Hella
Tacker, Sylvia
Weaving designs by Bertha Gray Hayes: miniature overshot patterns Smayda, Norma
White, Gretchen
Brown, Jody
Schelling, Katharine
Creating with card weaving: a simple, non-loom technique Specht, Sally
Rawllings, Sandra
The Speck book: an 18th century weaving manuscript, volumes one and two Speck, Johann Ludwig
Heil, Rebecca Emily (transcription)
A portfolio of American coverlets, volumes 1,2,3, and 4 Strickler, Carol (compiled by)
A weaver’s book of 8-shaft patterns from the friends of Handwoven Strickler, Carol (editor)
Colour-and-weave design: a practical reference book Sutton, Ann
Cripps, David (photog)
Ideas in weaving Sutton, Ann
Sheehan, Diane
Cripps, David (photog)
The structure of weaving Sutton, Ann
Cripps, David (photog)
Tartans: their art and history Sutton, Ann
Carr, Richard
Cripps, David (photog)
Step-by-step spinning and dyeing Svinicki, Eunice
Rep weave and beyond Tallarovic, Joanne
A handweaver’s workbook Thorpe, Heather G.
An introduction to natural dyeing Thresh, Robert and Christine
The use of vegetable dyes Thurstan, Violetta
Brocade Tidball, Harriet
Contemporary costume: strictly handwoven Tidball, Harriet
Contemporary tapestry Tidball, Harriet
The double weave, plain and patterned Tidball, Harriet
Summer and winter and other two-tie unit weaves Tidball, Harriet
Designing and making handwoven rugs: techniques for creating European, Oriental, and American rugs and household fabrics Tod, Osma Gallinger
Del Deo, Josephine Couch
McCloud, Dorothy Helen (illus)
Rug weaving for everyone Tod, Osma Gallinger
Del Deo, Josephine Couch
McCloud, Dorothy Helen (illus)
Fiedler, Carolyn (illus)
Weaves and pattern drafting Tovey, John
Hooked rugs: history and the continuing tradition Turbayne, Jessie A.
The complete book of drafting for handweavers van der Hoogt, Madelyn
Thick ‘n thin van der Hoogt, Madelyn (editor)
Xenakis, Alexis (photog)
Twill thrills van der Hoogt, Madelyn (editor)
Xenakis, Alexis (photog)
Textiles for homes and people Vanderhoff, Margil
Franck, Lavina
Campbell, Lucille
The new dyer Vinroot, Sally
Crowder, Jennie
Conversations & notes on log cabin Voiers, Leslie
Lace weaves portfolio Voiers, Leslie
Looking at twills Voiers, Leslie
Plain weave is anything but plain Voiers, Leslie
Workshop notes for winding multi-colored warps with a warping paddle using the warping board frame or the upright warping reel Voiers, Leslie
Weavers’ wisdom: 250 aids to happier weaving Weavers’ Guild of Boston
More power sewing: masters techniques for the 21st century Webster, Sandra Betzina
Ancient dyes for modern weavers Weigle, Palmy
Bauhaus textiles: women artists and the weaving workshop Weltge, Sigrid Wortmann
8, 12…20: an introduction to multishaft weaving Wertenberger, Kathryn
Finishing touches for the handweaver West, Virginia M.
International basketry for weavers and collectors Will, Christoph
Weaving is creative: the weaver-controlled weaves Wilson, Jean
Weaving is for anyone Wilson, Jean
Weaving you can wear Wilson, Jean
Burhen, Jan
Textile art from southern Appalachia: the quiet work of women Wilson, Kathleen Curtis
Textile arts index 1950-1987: selected weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, fiber periodicals Wilson, Sadye Tune
Jackson, Ruth Davidson
The rosepath motif: an approach to weaving design Windeknecht, Margaret B.
Weaving with foot-power looms Worst, Edward F.
The summer and winter weave Young, Helen Daniels
Sewn stitched and stuffed Zimmerman, Sandra R. (curator)
Step-by-step weaving: a complete introduction to the craft of weaving Znamierowski, Nell
Dyeplants and dyeing: a handbook
Generations/transformations: American fiber art
Homespun to factory made: woolen textiles in America 1776-1876
Interlaced: The Weavers’ Guild of Boston celebrates 90 years of friendship and education.
The journal for weavers, spinner, and dyers: Peter Collingwood special edition
Masterpieces of primitive art
Portland Handweavers Guild coverlet project
A rug weaver’s source book: a compilation of rug weaving techniques
The Weavers’ Guild of Boston Yearbook 2008-2009
Weaving classics: original Lily weaver’s work sheets nos. 1 – 23, 1930-1950
Weaving: techniques & projects