Mayan Hands Sale at meeting

Mayan Hands Sale at meeting

At our meeting/workshop on Tuesday, I will be selling fair trade handwoven and other handcrafted goods from two women’s cooperatives in Guatemala, Mayan Hands and UPAVIM. Please bring cash or checks and be prepared to buy!

This is the last year I will do this, because I’m needed more at home. If anyone is interested in doing it next year, I’d be happy to explain what is involved and to help next year. Basically, I get a consignment of goods, check the shipments against the inventory list, take the stuff to various places to sell, and send back the unsold items. Most sales are at the Harvard Unitarian Church’s Fair Trade Faire.  It’s a very worthwhile cause, and seeing and handling all the goods is fun.

See you on Tuesday!

Ply-split braiding at 3 December meeting

Ply-split braiding at 3 December meeting

The 3 December 2019 Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild meeting will start at 1 pm and the workshop promptly at 1:15. End time is 3 pm.
LOCATION: the Congregational Church in the center of Harvard, just to the right of the Country Store. Not the church entrance, but the large door on the annex. We will have a sign on the door. It will be on the second floor, there is an elevator.
WORKSHOP: Ply Split Braiding with Sarah Fortin. If you have not already signed up, please contact Leslie at
Materials fee: There is a $15 materials fee, the guild will cover $5 of that for members.
Also, Dorothy will have a table set up for Mayan Hands if you would like to do some shopping. Cash or check accepted.
AND the registration for the 3-day Sally Eyring workshop in April will open at the beginning of the meeting. See the 10/29/19 email to guild members for details.

October 22nd Meeting, Painted Warp Challenge!

October 22nd Meeting, Painted Warp Challenge!

Our program for Tuesday evening Oct 22 will be to paint some warps.

This will be a hands-on program and you must have your own warps.

Warp must be wool, other *animal* fiber, or silk.  Warp should be white
or another *light* color to be “painted”.

Warp MUST be at The Fiber Loft by 4:30 pm on Monday Oct 21.  (The warps
must be soaked in a mordant–citric acid or vinegar–before we can paint
them.  Suzanne will do this on Tuesday.)

If you cannot make the meeting, drop your warp off on time to The Fiber
Loft and we will paint it for you.  (We are not sure what colors will be
there, we will use our best judgement!)

Warp MUST have a waterproof label with individual’s name on it when it
goes to the Fiber Loft. NVWG will provide labels and a waterproof marker
at the Fiber Loft so you can label your warp when you drop it off.

Warp size – no longer than 4 yards, no wider than 24”

This is hand painted, not dipped.

Suzanne will provide bottles of dye.  We will put warp on plastic wrap
and paint, and then wrap up and take home and microwave.

If, after everyone has finished painting their first warp, there is dye
and time left, you can paint a second warp, but not before we are done
with all the first warps.

If you have any questions about the correct yarn, or you need some yarn,
call Suzanne at the Fiber Loft (978-456-8669 or
for purchase.

We will be using these warps for this year’s Guild Challenge.

If you want to be part of the Challenge but cannot get your warp to the
Fiber Loft by Monday, and cannot make the meeting Tuesday, please let me
know – Leslie

See you Tuesday.  Social/library time begins at 7pm.  Meeting to follow at 7:30.

September 24, 2019: 3D Weaving – Old Technology and New Inspirations

September 24, 2019: 3D Weaving – Old Technology and New Inspirations

ruffled neck piece3D Weaving – Old Technology and New Inspirations

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Light refreshments at 7:00pm, program at 7:30pm
Location:  Fivesparks (7 Fairbank St, Harvard, MA)

Sally Eyring will be the guest speaker on Tuesday 9/24/19, sponsored by the Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild. The talk will start at 7:30, following a reception at 7:00. The talk is in conjunction with the NVWG exhibit, which will be on display at Five Sparks for the month of September. The talk is open to the public.

Three dimensional weaving has a long and varied history, starting with arachnids 400 million years ago to the space age fabrics of today. Despite this long history, the terminology is confused and inconsistent. Up to now, hand weaving has been limited to rectangles woven with interesting structures that create surface interest. 

In their book, Ideas in Weaving, Ann Sutton and Diane Sheehan muse on a tension device developed by Janice Lessman-Moss of Kent, Ohio. The device, they say, “broke one of the cardinal rules of even tension maintenance,” and note that “More work like this would bring the handweaving loom (which suffers from innovation deprivation) out of rustic technology and into the twentieth century.”

In trying to remedy the “innovation deprivation” of the hand loom, Sally has developed three different techniques and several loom modifications to allow the hand weaver to create 3D woven forms. She will describe her weaving techniques and tools, and show some of the results.

Sally Eyring has been weaving and building tools since childhood. She earned a BA in Mathematics Education from Arizona State University and a MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Her MFA graduate project described the immigration experience through woven sculptural headdresses, using unique 3D weaving methods that she invented. Her work has been featured in the Complex Weavers Journal, WeaveZine, Best of America – Glass Artists & Artisans, Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, ArtScope magazine, and other publications. Her book on 3D hand loom weaving will be published by Schiffer Publishing in 2020.

In addition to weaving, Sally both renovates and builds looms, and does glass casting. Her work can be seen at:

September is going to be a busy month for NVWG

September is going to be a busy month for NVWG

NVWG Exhibit at Fivesparks

  • The exhibit will be open from September 10 – October 5
  • Set-up will happen on Sunday, September 8, from noon to 4 PM.
  • The opening reception is on Friday, September 13, from 7pm–9pm.
  • Location: 7 Fairbank St, Harvard, MA 01451
  • For more information, contact one of the chairpersons.

September meeting

Tuesday, September 24, 7pm

“3D Weaving – Old Technology & New Inspirations,” a presentation by Sally Eyring.
More information below.

NVWG Sale at Fivesparks

 NVWG will host a sale of members’ work at Fivesparks on Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29.  Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday Noon-4pm.
More information coming soon! 


new owner for Handwoven

new owner for Handwoven

Interweave was bought by a new owner. However, Handwoven and SpinOff were bought from them by a new company formed by Linda Ligon, the original founder of both magazines, and longtime editor Anne Merrow. Press release:

Looms, etc. for sale

Looms, etc. for sale

From the League of NH Craftsmen Newsletter:

HQ was contacted by a lovely woman who, with her husband, had worked for over 25 years doing production weaving for interior designers and architects throughout New England. She is located in Cabot, Vermont . Her husband passed away and she has the following available for sale:

4 harness LeClerc Quebec II Counterbalance Loom

Shuttlecraft Practice Loom 42″

36″ vertical loom

LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom

150 lbs roving – wool and mohair, cleaned and ready to use

200+ lbs of quality wool yarns in a variety of colors

Best way to reach her for more information is to call 802-563-2343 (Candace)

**Weavers – please share this information with anyone in your circle who might be interested. It would be a great help to this individual to sell these items for a fair price**

Pot Luck Dinner June 25

Pot Luck Dinner June 25

Hello Everyone!
536 Sugar Road – sage green antique colonial with pumpkin orange trim and my dark brown CRV in front on the right side of the road.

Parking – we have spaces for about 5 – 8 cars or so. Parking on the grass is ok. You can park on Coventry Wood – across/perpendicular to Sugar Rd or tuck in tight along the road.

We can roam around outside, sit on the screened in porch, and drink fancy drinks on the veranda – something like that. I believe the start time is 6:00 – everyone is welcome to come at 5:30 or so to relax.