NVWG Library AV Media

Title Author date  Runtime Format
`Boundweaving Level 1 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur 111 minutes VHS*
`Boundweaving Level 2 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur 43 minutes VHS*
Bodywork for weavers and fiber artists Penfield, Tracy 1995 VHS*
Color interaction for handweavers Sullivan, Donna 1991 60 minutes; 3pps VHS* + paper insert
Handwoven and quilted garments Webster, Sandra Betzina 105 minutes VHS*
Spin the weaver’s song Sciaky, Carla 1992 Audiocassette
Woven wearables and accessories:   an exhibit featuring members of the Nashoba Valley Weaver’s Guild 2008 DVD
Warping the loom from back to front Osterkamp, Peggy 2002 62 minutes VHS*
Warping the loom from back to front Osterkamp, Peggy 2005 62 minutes DVD
Spinning cotton, silk & flax Zawistoski, Patsy 1992 111 minutes VHS*
Tapestry weaving level I Harvey, Nancy 1985 110 minutes VHS*
Warp painting plus: garment design and construction tips Freeman,Mollie; Lamb,Sara 2005 90 minutes DVD
Fabric painting with dyes on silk and cotton Crockett,Candace 2005 118 minutes DVD
**new**The loom owner’s companion Knisely, Tom 2011 2 discs, 164 minutes DVD
* VHS tapes have been copied to DVD for circulation