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New tool for finding a skeleton tieup…from

New tool for finding a skeleton tieup…from

New Skeleton Tieup Search

We have added a new page to help find skeleton tieups for weaving on rising shed looms.

Please see:

Skeleton tieups are useful if you have enough shafts to weave a draft but not enough treadles, and don’t mind using more than one treadle at once.

You can either enter the original tieup directly, or upload a WIF file containing it and we will try to find a skeleton tieup for it which can be woven on your loom.

The page uses some special custom parallel programming which runs using processing power provided by Amazon’s cloud services.

This was inspired by another similar page named Tim’s Rudimentary Treadle Reducer, but likely works very differently underneath.

Below is a sample showing a skeleton tieup for pattern #59161, found here:
If this is popular we will probably expand it to have more features and to work with looms that are not rising shed too.

This skeleton tieup search was a learning project for me. It offered chance to use some brand new technologies while creating something that is hopefully useful to weavers, especially those with 4 and 8 shaft looms. This was actually surprisingly difficult yet fun to create…there is a lot of set theory math involved in treadle reduction and careful technical design and programming needed to find and present skeleton tieups. Of all the things I’ve programmed for it’s one of the more complicated underneath even though it looks simple on the surface.

Enjoy, and please share or forward this to help others find it! –Kris Bruland

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WWM Echo Weave study group presentation

WWM Echo Weave study group presentation

At Weavers of Western Mass on Feb 15, 2017, please join us!

Using Marian Stubenitsky’s Weaving With Echo and Iris book as a springboard, the Echo Weave Study Group has been busy exploring this diverse weaving system. At the February meeting, the members will show their samples and finished pieces, and share what they learned. Echo weave can be intimidating, but with a computer weaving program the study group found that it’s not difficult to create beautiful work. Come and see the diverse shapes, including diamonds, circles, waves, and flowers that can be formed when treadlings have been networked and colors applied to design lines that have been “echoed” in the threading. Although echo can be woven with 4 shafts, the group achieved spectacular results using 8 or 16 shafts.

Several current and former EiAW class members participated in this study.

Meeting at the Hill Institute, Florence, MA

12:30PM-1:00PM Refreshments / Socializing
1:00 PM-1:40PM Guild Business Meeting concludes with Show & Tell
1:45PM-3:15PM Program

free table loom

free table loom

posted at the owner’s request:

I have a Nilus LeClerc table loom that I would like to donate. It is approximately 19″ (W) by 30″ (L) and has a weaving width of about 15-16″. It is a rising shed (I believe – not an expert) and has 2 sets of 4 shafts. The loom was purchased new by my late wife in the mid-70s and lightly used for only about 3-4 years. It is in good shape.

Rob Stiratelli

Mayan Hands sale

Mayan Hands sale

I plan to bring some Fair Trade Mayan woven and other goods to sell at the guild meeting on Dec. 1. The items are from Mayan Hands and UPAVIM, two cooperatives of women weavers in Guatemala. I have brought them to the December meeting for the last few years, and they have been popular. Bring your checkbooks!

Fruitlands demos on 10/11

Fruitlands demos on 10/11

So far four of us have expressed interest in helping to demo at Fruitlands on 10/11: Judith, Penny, Leslie, and me. The demo is 12-4pm. We will have the guild loom with some of Reba’s softball cotton for lap blankets. Judith offered to bring her RH to demo; I think Leslie has one too that she used in Sept. I don’t want to treadle yet because of a sore foot, but I can bring my inkle loom. So my questions are:

Are you all still willing to help? Does anyone else want to join in?
Do you want to be there all four hours, or just part?
Laura, will you take the loom back after the demo?