Looms, etc. for sale

Looms, etc. for sale

From the League of NH Craftsmen Newsletter:

HQ was contacted by a lovely woman who, with her husband, had worked for over 25 years doing production weaving for interior designers and architects throughout New England. She is located in Cabot, Vermont . Her husband passed away and she has the following available for sale:

4 harness LeClerc Quebec II Counterbalance Loom

Shuttlecraft Practice Loom 42″

36″ vertical loom

LeClerc Tissart Tapestry Loom

150 lbs roving – wool and mohair, cleaned and ready to use

200+ lbs of quality wool yarns in a variety of colors

Best way to reach her for more information is to call 802-563-2343 (Candace)

**Weavers – please share this information with anyone in your circle who might be interested. It would be a great help to this individual to sell these items for a fair price**

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  1. I just spoke with Candace. She is a delightful woman. I am thinking of taking a drive up there to buy some of the yarn. Is anyone interested in going along?

    She mentioned in particular that she has lots of rug yarn that they used for making Mohawk rugs.

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