24 April 2018 Meeting, Prototyping New Fabrics for Electronic and Industrial Use

24 April 2018 Meeting, Prototyping New Fabrics for Electronic and Industrial Use

Our next meeting will be held at The Fiber Loft on 24April.  Come by for social and library time at 7pm.  The meeting will start promptly at 7:30.

Chriztine Foltz – “Fibers are the building blocks for my creating. These fibers form my textiles, my thoughts, my community, and my home; intertwining and interlacing everything into that which I am”.

Chriztine Foltz is an interdisciplinary artist who initially started as a textile designer. Textiles created the foundation upon which she built her artistic practice which commenced in Denmark at the Danish Design School (now part of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture School), where she studied techniques for woven and surface designed fabrics.

Upon return to the United States, she settled in NYC, designing woven fabrics for interiors and wearable accessories such as raincoats, umbrellas, hats, handbags and scarves as an independent contractor.Working on the “SWATCH” Accessory Design Team in the mid 1980s, her designs were being stolen/reworked in the orient and reproduced before the samples were returned to her in NYC. This lack of control sent Chriztine back to school to learn computer graphics and she worked in the graphic arts arena for the next 15 years, before returning to her roots in textiles and weaving.

Weaving again, teaching at the Worcester Center for Crafts and at local colleges, Chriztine found her ‘over/under’ rhythms again. Discovering that engineering companies needed designers of fabrics and clothes, she started working on projects for military and medical use. This collision of artistic, industrial, and scientific worlds has encouraged her to work on diverse projects as well as work with teams of engineers and scientists to create innovative new forms of textiles including the spinning of CNTs (carbon nano tubes) into yarn, weaving fabrics for the International Space Station, and creating fabrics for medical devices. The interlacing of these worlds, art and design, ignites and re-ignites her desire to create solutions aimed at enhancing our quality of life.

Chriztine has a Masters of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. The tapestries she created for her Master’s were jacquard woven in black and white and then hand painted, merging her original studies of woven and surface design, closing the circle of her education.

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