Happy New Year! Meeting reminder

Happy New Year! Meeting reminder


Tues, 24 Jan 2017 is our first meeting of the new year!  We will meet at The Fiber Loft.  Social/Library time will begin at 7pm, and our meeting and program will start promptly at 7:30.

This month’s program will be a very social one.  We ask everyone to bring a sample of your “other art” projects.  Most weavers dabble in other forms of art, be it knitting, spinning, crochet, quilting…or even some non-fiber artistic expressions.  This is the time to share these crafts!  It’ll be a great way to get to know your fellow guild members.  Don’t have an “other art”?  Come anyway!  We hope that this meeting will be very inspirational.

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  1. Hope you take pictures of what people bring. I would love to see people’s “other” work. Sorry not to be there, but NOT sorry to miss your weather. Not to rub it in, but let’s just say I’m wearing sandals.

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