Soldiers’ Angels blanket

Soldiers’ Angels blanket

Soldiers' Angels blanket

Soldiers' Angels blanket closeup

Soldiers’ Angels blanket closeup

Several years ago, guild members wove this blanket during weaving demonstrations at Fruitlands Museums. It was intended to go to the organization called Soldiers’ Angels (, who provide various services to people serving in the Armed Services, including blankets for wounded soldiers. We finally finished it this year. The photos are from the Guild potluck in June 2014. I sent the blanket off and got this response from Soldiers’ Angels:

OhMYGOODNESS!!! I have never seen a blanket quite like that…it is a work of ART!!!

I am so very thankful!!! Your GORGEOUS Blanket will go to one of our 45-50 Veterans of the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital, specifically in the PTSD Recovery Program.

These Veterans come from all over the USA to participate in this intense 3-4 month program. They all live in Dorms and they are far away from the support of family and friends. It is especially difficult for them a Christmas time, which is when I will be distributing them at our annual Christmas Dinner.

I promise you that whoever receives this very Blanket, they will treasure it and know in their heart, hat someone who they have never met, truly cares and supports them.

Believe it or not, some of these Vets with PTSD have tried to take their own live before they entered the program, because their heart were so scarred from war, acts of extreme kindness like this, especially at a very emotional time of the year, helps them to HEAL and to be at Peace, because they are remembered and appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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