December Kumihimo Registration Reminder

December Kumihimo Registration Reminder
Kumihimo presented by Judith Shangold
Judith Shangold will teach us to make a Half-Round Braid Kumihimo necklace or bracelet at our combined November/December meeting. Please note:  This meeting  is a daytime program and will start at 1pm on December 1st at the Fiber Loft. This will be a hands on project and we need members to register in advance so that Judith will be able to bring the necessary supplies for the class.  At the bottom of this announcement is a registration form indicating the supplies needed. There is no charge for the class except the cost of the supplies you choose to purchase from Judith.  Please fill out the form and return it to Judith Shangold by email at by November 13th. 



Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild

I will be teaching half round/flat braid which requires 8 cords and a kumihimo disk. We will be making a wrap around bracelet or necklace. Please indicate if you are planning on coming to the December 1 meeting and class and which supplies you are in need of.
Yes, I am coming. Name ______________________________.
  1. Kumihimo disk. I have one ___. I would like to borrow one ___. I would like to buy one for $2.50 ___.
  1. 8 plastic bobbins.  I have them ___. I would like to borrow them ___. I would like to buy them for $2.00 (total for 8) ___.
  1. I use size 0, 1mm satin cord/rattail. I have many colors to choose from. A set of 8 cords is $3.00
            I will bring my own cord ____. I would like to purchase a set of cords ____.
  1. I can supply a flat magnetic clasp, pewter, silver color for $7. Yes, I would like one ____.
  1. The braid can be made with or without beads. The teardrop beads shown in the attached picture are from Regular price is $15 a string of 25 beads (you use all of them). They often have sales and I receive e-mail alerts. On sale, they are $7.50 – $10 a strand. I will have a collection of them for you to choose from or you can look at the site and tell me which colors you like.  Yes, I would like a strand of beads_____. Please alert me when there is a sale and I will choose a color _____. I will pick from your selection ______.
  1. Other supplies needed: Small sharp scissors, sewing needle with large-ish eye, bead thread (for finishing ends), E-6000 glue. I will supply these, but please bring them if you have them.



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