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Who’s going to NEWS? — 7 Comments

  1. I’m going out Wednesday by dinner time if you want to do something. I’m going home on Saturday. Susan Ostberg

  2. I’m going Thursday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. Marie Porteus and I have the same schedule and are going together, together with 3 looms.

  3. I’m arriving Wednesday and leaving Sunday. I’m bringing a floor loom.

  4. I’m looking forward to coming along as Dorothy mentions. So glad to have a traveling companion too!

  5. I’m going Thursday afternoon and returning Saturday afternoon. Marie did you get your loom sorted out?

  6. I’m going Thursday afternoon and returning Sunday afternoon, once the Guild Exhibits are cleaned up.

  7. Penny — I’m pretty sure Joan is planning to get there sometime Wednesday. She’s not online very much so she may not see this thread.

    I’ll be bringing an electric kettle, a French press, and coffee to go in the press. Bring your own cup…


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