Library update: new titles

Library update: new titles

New and new-ish titles in the Guild library. Contact the Guild librarian to reserve any of these.

DVD: The Efficient Weaver by Laura Fry
Book donated by Joan Paul:
Title Author
The weaving, spinning, and dyeing book (second edition) Rachel Brown
Books donated by Judith Shangold:
Title Author
Adventures in yarn farming: four seasons on a New England fiber farm Barbara Parry with photos by Ben Barnhart
Weave * knit * wear: simply fabulous clothing for rigid-heddle (and other) weavers Judith Shangold
Books donated by Pat MacAlpine:
Weaves and pattern drafting, John Tovey
The rosepath motif: an approach to weaving design, Margaret B. Windeknecht
Ikat: an introduction; Japanese ikat: warp,weft,figure Diane Ritch and Yoshiko Wada
Quilts to wear Virginia Avery
The handweaver’s pattern book: over 120 designs for upholstery, curtains, place mats, etc. Iona Plath
Handspinning: art and technique Allen Fannin
Handloom weaving technology Allen Fannin
Spin span spun: fact and folklore for spinners and weavers Bette Hochberg
Dyeing the natural way Frances E. Mustard
Dyeplants and dyeing: a handbook
A twill of your choice Paul R. O’Connor
Brocade Harriet Tidball
Ancient dyes for modern weavers Palmy Weigle
Step by step spinning and dyeing Eunice Svinicki
The double weave, plain and patterned Harriet Tidball
Hands on dyeing Betsy Blumenthal and Kathryn Kreider
Weave structures used in North American coverlets +ACI-Clarita Anderson, Judith Gordon, and Naomi Whiting Towner
Knitting on the loom: techniques for producing knit stitches within the woven structure Birgit Olson Barron


Magazines donated by Dorothy Solbrig:

1994: January/February, March/April, May/June, September/October and November/December
1995: January/February

Newsletters donated by Penny Lacroix:

The Spinning Wheel Sleuth, issues 86 and 87 (October 2014 and January 2015)

Newsletters purchased by the Guild:

The Spinning Wheel Sleuth Loom Supplement, issues 6, 7 and 9-16, inclusive; Index to Issues 1 – 15


Art to Wear Workshop with Sarah Fortin
Compiled by Linda Snook. A record of our March, 2014 garment construction workshop with Sarah Fortin, including about 20 pages of background information from Sarah, as well as swatches and project notes from 12 participants.

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