Library update: Part I, we have videos! (and one audiocassette)

Library update: Part I, we have videos! (and one audiocassette)

Need something interesting to watch while you wait for the new season of House of Cards?  Contact the guild librarian to borrow any of these DVDs:

  • Laura Fry: The efficient weaver (2014) (new!)
  • Tom Knisely: The loom owner’s companion (2011)
  • Woven wearables and accessories: an exhibit featuring members of the Nashoba Valley Weaver’s Guild (2008)
  • Peggy Osterkamp: Warping the loom from back to front (2005 and 2002, two copies)
  • Mollie Freeman and Sara Lamb: Warp painting plus: garment design and construction tips (2005)
  • Candace Crockett: Fabric painting with dyes on silk and cotton (2005)
  • Tracy Penfield: Bodywork for weavers and fiber artists (1995)
  • Patsy Zawistoski: Spinning cotton, silk & flax (1992)
  • Donna Sullivan: Color interaction for handweavers (1991)
  • Nancy Harvey: Tapestry weaving level I (1985)
  • Nancy Arthur Hoskins: Boundweaving Level 1 and 2 (two disks)
  • Sandra Betzina Webster: Handwoven and quilted garments


If you still own a cassette player, something nice to listen to while you weave is

  • Carla Sciaky’s Spin the weaver’s song (1992)


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