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Weave on a Bow Loom at the March Meeting

Weave on a Bow Loom at the March Meeting

Bow loom weaving is an ancient weaving technique. Traditionally, the loom would have been a flexible tree branch with warp thread attached to both ends, flexing the bow to create tension on warp threads. Threads were separated by a piece of hide or a piece of wood.

Today, items from hardware/craft store and household items can produce a bow loom. At our meeting on Tuesday 27 March, NVWG member Carol Vales will lead us through warping a bow loom and weaving a narrow band.

Items created on bow loom are usually 4” or less in width. These include: headbands, hatbands, trim for clothing or bags, and lanyards.

Materials will be provided, but if you have a strong warp yarn you’d like to use, 5/2 or 3/2 cotton is recommended. Generally the same  yarn is used in the warp and weft. Beads may be added for decoration. Participants will be able to take their looms home with them.

Participants should bring scissors, a tapestry needle for weaving and a sharp needle for weaving in the ends. Optional: 3/2 or 5/2 cotton and size 6 beads in your color choice.

This program is made possible through the Guild’s Pauline Duke Education Fund.

Social time, snacks and library browsing start at 7 p.m. The meeting starts at 7:30.

Loomapalooza Workshop Sign-up is Open!

Loomapalooza Workshop Sign-up is Open!

We are planning a guild workshop for the fall. Many of you have expressed an interest. Now is the time to commit. This is open to all NVWG members, regardless of experience level, as long as you can warp your loom on your own.

The Faulkner House, 5 High Street, Acton

Opening session (mandatory for all participants) Saturday 14 October 12-4 p.m.
Various flexible day and evening times during the week of 15-22 Oct (Anticipated time you will need to devote is dependent on the number of participants, but probably about 12 hours total. A typical round robin workshop is 3 full days, or about 18 hours. Think of this as a spread out weekend of weaving!)
Guild meeting Tuesday 24 Oct, 7 p.m.

This is open to all NVWG members, regardless of skill level or experience. If you do not have a portable loom, but would like to participate, we can help you locate a loom to use for the workshop.

Structure of the workshop:
Round Robin
Each member will be given a weaving draft that is appropriate for their loom and their skill level. Yarn will also be provided. Members will need to wind the appropriate warp (with help if needed) and warp their loom. They will arrive at the workshop with their loom completely threaded and a small sample woven at the beginning of the warp.
On the first day (mandatory for all participants), each person will share information about their warp, the weave structure and their loom operation.
Over the next week, the space will be open at various times during the day and in the evening. A mentor from the guild will be on location during all of the open hours. Participants will come and go as they are able and weave on each of the looms, marking their own weaving with supplied tags.
At the end of the final day (22 Oct), designated people will cut the pieces off the looms and take them home to wash, dry and cut up.
At our regular guild meeting on 24 Oct (which will be held at the Faulkner House), the results will be shared with the whole guild. Notebooks will be given to each participant, including the drafts and the samples they wove during the week.
To sign up:
Send an email to Penny with your name and what loom you intend to use for the workshop. (Also indicate if you have another portable loom you’re willing to lend to a fellow guild member for the workshop.) If you are interested in exploring a particular weave structure, please indicate that in your email.  Send a check for $75 to 96 South St., Berlin MA 01503 to complete your registration. Financial aid is available. Please contact Penny or Laura for information.

So that we can plan and everyone has time to warp their looms, the registration deadline is Wednesday 9 August.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Yarn: The Movie coming in May!

Yarn: The Movie coming in May!

Save the date!  May 23, 2017, 7pm

In place of our regular May meeting, The Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild Presents
“Yarn: The Movie”
A screening at the Harvard Public Library, Volunteers Room
4 Pond Road, Harvard MA
The film follows several artists who are redefining the tradition of knit and crochet, bringing yarn out of the house into the world.

Watch a trailer.

The screening is free and open to public. Advance registration is recommended. Email to reserve your seat.

Tuesday 2/28/17 Meeting

Tuesday 2/28/17 Meeting

For our regular meeting this Tuesday, please bring along a tip to share with others. It may be a tool or a book or an idea. If you can’t think of anything, come anyway and take an idea home! Questions are encouraged. We’ll also have a Show & Tell time.

Gathering time is 7 pm at the Fiber Loft for snacks and library browsing. The meeting will start promptly at 7:30.

Happy New Year! Meeting reminder

Happy New Year! Meeting reminder


Tues, 24 Jan 2017 is our first meeting of the new year!  We will meet at The Fiber Loft.  Social/Library time will begin at 7pm, and our meeting and program will start promptly at 7:30.

This month’s program will be a very social one.  We ask everyone to bring a sample of your “other art” projects.  Most weavers dabble in other forms of art, be it knitting, spinning, crochet, quilting…or even some non-fiber artistic expressions.  This is the time to share these crafts!  It’ll be a great way to get to know your fellow guild members.  Don’t have an “other art”?  Come anyway!  We hope that this meeting will be very inspirational.

Yarn: The Movie – coming soon!

Yarn: The Movie – coming soon!

Your board is making plans to host a screening of Yarn: the Movie. The hope is to have it on the night of our regular April 2017 guild meeting at a public venue in Harvard. Details will be forthcoming. In the mean time, here’s a link to the trailer, to get you excited about the screening. Although the movie is knitting-oriented, it addresses fiber arts and women’s expression. Enjoy!

October 25 Meeting Program 7pm

October 25 Meeting Program 7pm

ORIGAMI BAGS with Judith Shangold

linenbag72  img_1859

Start with a rectangle of fabric, fold it this way and that, sew 2 seams – voila, you have a bag. Or a pillow. We will play with the concept using graph paper models and color pencils to explore design possibilities.

Please bring color pencils and paper scissors.

Judith is a weaver and designer who mostly weaves on a rigid-heddle loom. Her book Weave • Knit • Wear explores clothing ideas that require little cutting and sewing. Always looking for new ideas of what to weave, she discovered a knitted origami bag – also called a bento bag – online and proceeded to try weaving one. She will bring her samples to the workshop.


September meeting

September meeting

Meeting tonight at the Fiber Loft

This is a duplicate of the email that went out to all.

Our first meeting will be held at 7pm on 27Sept, at The Fiber Loft.  Please bring in your summer weaving successes and failures for show and tell (or your stories of what’s on your loom if you can’t bring it in yet)!  Please also bring your smart phones, tablets and laptops.  We will have a tutorial for posting to our website/blog and will be helping everyone to sign up to receive Guild emails via the website.
Please also bring your dues, if you haven’t already paid them.  They are due by the Oct meeting.  Dues are $25.  Checks should be made payable to NVWG.  Cash is also fine.

Circle Weaving Techniques

Circle Weaving Techniques

Circle Weaving with Jacquie Chalmers

Please Note – the program will begin at 7 pm

The March meeting of the Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild will be presented by Jacquie Chalmers on Circle Weaving Techniques and an example application – covered buttons.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd, 7 pm at the Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA.  Please note that the actual meeting will start at 7 pm.  Join us for socializing, refreshments and to peruse library selections at 6:30 pm.  Class will include how to warp the circular loom, weave a design and how to finish the project. We will then take it off the loom and use it to cover a button. After making a button using the basic weave we will learn one or two additional weaving techniques to achieve different visual effects in the finished work.

*** Kit/materials : $5 for members, $10 for non-members.  The guild is subsidizing this workshop by paying half of the materials fee for members. Includes circle loom, threads, buttons; material to make 4 buttons.

*** Students should bring a size 18 tapestry needle and scissors.

Instructor Bio: Jacquie Chalmers   –  Jacquie splits her time between the calm of her studio in upstate New York and the frenzy of busy Boston Massachusetts. She has taught many classes at Fiber College, shows and guilds. A long time knitter, spinner, dyer, felter and needle tatter, she has recently focused on circle weaving. She loves nothing more than mastering a new skill, applying it in a new way and sharing it with others.

December Kumihimo Registration Reminder

December Kumihimo Registration Reminder
Kumihimo presented by Judith Shangold
Judith Shangold will teach us to make a Half-Round Braid Kumihimo necklace or bracelet at our combined November/December meeting. Please note:  This meeting  is a daytime program and will start at 1pm on December 1st at the Fiber Loft. This will be a hands on project and we need members to register in advance so that Judith will be able to bring the necessary supplies for the class.  At the bottom of this announcement is a registration form indicating the supplies needed. There is no charge for the class except the cost of the supplies you choose to purchase from Judith.  Please fill out the form and return it to Judith Shangold by email at by November 13th. 



Nashoba Valley Weavers’ Guild

I will be teaching half round/flat braid which requires 8 cords and a kumihimo disk. We will be making a wrap around bracelet or necklace. Please indicate if you are planning on coming to the December 1 meeting and class and which supplies you are in need of.
Yes, I am coming. Name ______________________________.
  1. Kumihimo disk. I have one ___. I would like to borrow one ___. I would like to buy one for $2.50 ___.
  1. 8 plastic bobbins.  I have them ___. I would like to borrow them ___. I would like to buy them for $2.00 (total for 8) ___.
  1. I use size 0, 1mm satin cord/rattail. I have many colors to choose from. A set of 8 cords is $3.00
            I will bring my own cord ____. I would like to purchase a set of cords ____.
  1. I can supply a flat magnetic clasp, pewter, silver color for $7. Yes, I would like one ____.
  1. The braid can be made with or without beads. The teardrop beads shown in the attached picture are from Regular price is $15 a string of 25 beads (you use all of them). They often have sales and I receive e-mail alerts. On sale, they are $7.50 – $10 a strand. I will have a collection of them for you to choose from or you can look at the site and tell me which colors you like.  Yes, I would like a strand of beads_____. Please alert me when there is a sale and I will choose a color _____. I will pick from your selection ______.
  1. Other supplies needed: Small sharp scissors, sewing needle with large-ish eye, bead thread (for finishing ends), E-6000 glue. I will supply these, but please bring them if you have them.